Relationship Seminar

Moving On!

Are You Ready to

Dump Your Relationship Baggage and

Make Room for the Love of Your Life?

Are you having doubts about your relationship?
Feel like you’ve drifted apart?
Want to find and enjoy the love of your life?

Having the perfect relationship is what holds the most promise for us to achieve our ultimate goal of “living happily every after.”  Unfortunately, many romantic relationships are based on need, manipulation, insecurity and fear of loss.  We often find our relationships are like riding a roller coaster between pleasure and pain. Problems in a relationship can splinter you or center you.  Barbara Saint John will help you gain a better understanding of how you unconsciously attract and set up your mates for involvement or entanglement. You will gain clarity and perspective and you will learn how to eliminate the stress in your relationship and overcome possessiveness, jealousy and control.  You can let go of being the receiver of negative energy from others and learn who is sucking your energy and draining your life force. 

Barbara Saint John will give you the strategies you need to effectively mourn the loss of a relationship while opening yourself up to love in the future. With compassionate guidance, she will help you to close a chapter of your romantic past so you can begin again. She will demonstrate revolutionary ideas that have worked for thousands clients and show you how to “Move On” from unsuccessful past relationships and finally find the love of your life.
In Private Personal Session with Barbara Saint John or in her “Moving On” Groups, you will learn to reach new heights of awareness in your life and your relationships.   You will have more fun together or apart, communicate better, and build a relationship based on support instead of suppression.  Come learn the healing power of love and deeper understanding!

Based on the book “Moving On” by Russell Friedman and John W. James.

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