The Daisen Method

Everyone places limits on themselves. These restrictive boundaries come in the form of negative mantras we repeat in our minds on a daily basis:

“I’m not worthy.”

“Everyone abandons me.”

“Something is wrong with me.”

These deep-seated limitations are imposed upon ourselves in part because we often lack the ability to act as a “conscious observer” when life hits us with its hardest blows. As a result, our most powerful emotional reactions tend to overwhelm us, leaving their mark on our subconscious in the form of new shackles on our success.

Over her three decades of working as a behavior modification specialist, Barbara Saint John has guided numerous clients through the process of releasing their limited thoughts and breathing out the overwhelming emotions that had overloaded their minds and bodies. The secret behind her success? The Dasein method.*

Barbara Saint John uses the Dasein method to help clients achieve a greater sense of self-awareness. With greater emotional clarity comes a greater capacity to correct irrational perceptions, restricting beliefs and problematic self-programming. In this way, the Dasein method is particularly effective at allowing patients to rewrite their mental framework and dissolve their self-imposed limitations.

During private sessions and informative seminars, Barbara Saint John instructs clients on using the Dasein method to become “conscious observers.” By no longer playing the role of a passive reactor, clients are better able to process overwhelming emotional events from a safe, critical distance.

Applying the Dasein method effectively allows you to internalize an emotionally charged situation not as an individual crisis but instead as a next step, one that can be contextualized by your beliefs, concepts, ideas, thoughts, goals and attitudes. This perspective makes it considerably easier to identify alternative, positive reactions and behaviors when responding to intense and traumatic scenarios.

The ability to react positively and proactively to any situation is critical for transforming your daily struggle into a fulfilling, satisfying journey. The Dasein method, presented by Life Phases International, will help you to develop a new and powerful awareness of your mind. Barbara Saint John has helped thousands of clients to smile and laugh naturally again by sharing with them the wisdom of the Dasein method.

*Barbara Saint John originally developed the Dasein Method while performing research in Germany. The technique was originally used to assist veterans overcome the trauma of loss, post-war anxiety and grief.

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