Illness & Symptoms

Do you know what your symptoms are trying to tell you?

It’s a well-established fact that our mental states have a power influence over our experience of well-being and sickness. After all, the human body operates as a feedback mechanism of the brain. In this sense, symptoms of illness and disease can be thought of as psychological insights attempting to make themselves known to our conscious minds.

That means that symptoms of illness like chronic pain or anxiety can be rooted in or exacerbated by problems residing not in the body but in the unconscious.

Barbara Saint John’s 35 years as a behavior modification specialist has provided her with unique expertise in identifying how negative self-programming can impact physical health.

Clients under her care are guided through the process of lessening the effects of disease symptoms, eliminating problematic self-programming and gaining a greater sense of control over their health and daily lives.

A number of traumatic experiences, ranging from childhood incidents to recent accidents, can have lasting effects on mental and physical well-being. In cases like these, however, greater insight into the source of these stimuli provide clients more tools to influence their own health patterns.

Through private sessions, personalized media resources and the use of Therapeutic Light and Sound Technology, Barbara Saint John can help you to hone your self-healing instincts and find out what your symptoms are trying to tell you.

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