• Are you ready to dump your dating baggage?
  • Is your current relationship inspiring ongoing doubts?
  • Do you want to find and enjoy the love of your life?

Every human being is searching for their soulmate. The pressure to find the perfect partner and “live happily ever after” is so strong that relationships often create more anxiety and depression than everlasting bliss. That’s because so many romantic relationships are based on need, jealousy, insecurity and fear of loss; this underlying risk inspires many to approach the prospect of finding true love with a defensive mindset. Even worse, our own insecurities can cause us to fall into unhealthy patterns of attraction.

With introspection comes understanding.

It’s rarely a simple task to identify the ways your subconscious works against you when it comes to relationships. That’s why Barbara Saint John uses her skills as a behavior modification specialist to help patients gain a better understanding of how possessiveness, jealousy or a need to control can add unnecessary anxiety and interpersonal friction to their relationships.

In some extreme cases, a partner can unknowingly develop a tendency to set up their mates for entanglement. Thankfully, guided sessions with Barbara Saint John can help you to let go of your unhealthy relationship tendencies while simultaneously learning more about the type of toxic partners that drain you of your energy.

Don’t just move on, move forward!

It is impossible to make sense of your romantic future when your emotions are trapped in the relationship past. Barbara Saint John can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to effectively mourn the loss of your last relationship while opening yourself up to the next love of your life. Combining compassionate guidance with revolutionary techniques that have benefited thousands of clients, Barbara Saint John is the right person to rely on when you’re ready to “not just move on and move forward”.

Through private personal sessions with Barbara Saint John’s you’ll learn to reach new heights of awareness when it comes to your emotions and your relationships. Enhancing your own self-understanding will put you in a better position to build a relationship based on support instead of suspicion.

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