Chronic Pain

  • Have your symptoms begun to affect your relationships?
  • Do you feel weighed down by feelings of depression?
  • Is chronic pain destroying your life?

Over a hundred million people across the U.S. deal with chronic pain. The sources of this ongoing condition are numerous, including surgeries, worksite injuries and complications caused by pre-existing illness or disease.

Given the debilitative nature of these symptoms, many of those saddled with chronic pain feel forced to choose between enduring daily agonies or risking dependence on prescription drugs. In reality, there are plenty of ways to relieve chronic pain naturally, especially when symptoms are related to or exacerbated by anxiety inducing thought patterns.

Utilizing the same tools and techniques deployed at major medical facilities across the globe, Barbara Saint John can help chronic pain sufferers learn more about the direct connection between their daily thoughts, chronic pain and their quality of life.

Barbara Saint John has helped to guide the recovery of chronic pain patients for over 35 years as a behavior modification specialist. She is adept at instructing patients on responding to their chronic pain in a new way by becoming “conscious observers.”

Through private sessions, personalized media resources and the use of Therapeutic Light and Sound technology, you too can learn to gain control over your chronic pain via stress reduction and mental relaxation.

Let Barbara Saint John show you how to start enjoying your life again.

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