Quiet the Negative Voice

Do friends, family and peers constantly describe you as your own biggest critic?

Does your inner voice whisper more discouraging words than nice ones?

Is your thought life dominated by negative self-talk?

It’s not unusual for our subconscious minds to protect us from pain and disappointment by reminding us of our limitations. Unfortunately, this normal defense mechanism can morph into an endless monologue of negative self-talk all too quickly. Once a person’s internal dialogue begins to revolve around crippling doubt and feelings of unworthiness, the self-preservation strategy becomes counterproductive.

Barbara Saint John refers to this vicious cycle as “Looping of crazy making thoughts,” or cycles of negative self-talk that lead to mental instability. “Looping of crazy making thoughts” also encourage personal compromise and undesirable emotional outcomes.

Sessions with Barbara Saint John revolve around helping clients to recognize the truth about negative self-talk. After all, these toxic internal conversations always end with the same, self-critical verdict: Guilty!

By learning to quiet the internal voice that says, “I’m not good enough!”…, clients who are tired of disappointment and self-inflicted failure can finally put an end to negative self-talk.


Over her three decades of experience as a behavior modification specialist, Barbara Saint John has identified several common sources of chronic negative self-talk, or “loops.” Internalized sources of fear, worry, doubt, sadness, anger, frustration and depression, often related to childhood programming from what Barbara calls “Your childhood family camp” which may result in unconscious cycles of harmful self-criticism.

Looping patterns attract and magnetize negative emotions while subconsciously discouraging individuals from chasing their dreams, maintaining their health, and fostering positive relationships. Barbara Saint John can help.

Through private sessions, personalized media resources and the use of therapeutic light and sound technology, patients can learn to interrupt and delete the negative thoughts, self-talk and emotional responses that manifest as dangerous loops. The same techniques can help you to mute the negative noise in your head as quickly as possible.

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