Quit Smoking

Smoking is more than a just a serious health risk. The negative impacts of cigarette addiction can impact your self-esteem, family life and daily productivity. Tried to quit and found the task too challenging? Don’t get discouraged! This isn’t a battle you were meant to fight by yourself.

Did you know that the act of lighting up a cigarette and the feeling of winning a casino jackpot activate the same part of your brain? Both experiences cause your brain to release a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Quitting cigarettes is easier said than done largely in part because dopamine plays such a major role in the brain’s natural reward centers.

Barbara Saint John’s experience as a behavior modification specialist makes her an ideal expert for helping patients isolate and eliminate the triggering behaviors and events that drive their need to smoke cigarettes. She understands that smoking habits stem from a combination of physical and mental habits that trap clients in a cycle of addiction and frustration. By instructing clients in unique relaxation techniques and strategies for influencing chemical interactions in their brain, Barbara Saint John makes it easier than ever to end smoking addiction for good.

To end your smoking habit you’ll have to not only recognize your behavioral triggers, but also counter self-defeating thought patterns. Barbara Saint John is also adept at training clients to balance input from their conscious and unconscious minds while mitigating responses to environmental triggers. High-stress situations, the enabling behaviors of other smokers and alcohol are just a few of the many traps lying in wait for those trying to quit.

Barbara Saint John’s program is uniquely specialized to help smokers to quit as quickly as possible because it combines the behavior modifying benefits of private sessions, Therapeutic Light and Sound technology and guided imagery written and recorded by Barbara Saint John.
This support system will help you to counter the distorted thinking, rationalizations and triggers that lead to temptation. Barbara Saint John has had the privilege of watching client after client put down their cigarettes and never smoke again…so can you!!!

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