Energetic Weight Release


Barbara St. John’s


Weight Release Program


The Pain and Suffering of Being Overweight is Finally Over!

Are you sick and tired of……

  • Panicking at the thought of wearing a bathing suit or tight jeans?
  • Huffing and puffing when you walk?
  • Trying to find clothes to hide those bulging body parts?
  • Not wanting to have your picture taken?
  • Being tired all the time?
  • Avoiding intimate relationships?
  • Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself fat and out of shape?
  • Feeling like your weight is out of control?

Are you a Yo-Yo dieter, gaining and losing the same 10-30 pounds over and over?

Have you given up?  I don’t blame you.

It is obvious that “diets” don’t work otherwise there wouldn’t be a new diet book or program offered almost every week.

These “diets” don’t work in the long run because most of them are based on the wrong premise. They are designed to change your eating habits. However, the real truth is this…..


You can eat less, move more and lose the weight, but will you be able to keep the weight off? The answer is “NO”!  With “Energetic” you will eat less, move more and keep the weight off!

Most diet books and programs show you how to take the weight off but they don’t reveal the true secret of how to KEEP it off!

If you are tired of Yo-Yo dieting and are ready for a Permanent Weight Release Solution then you have come to the right place! I will show you how to TURN OFF your “Overweight Switch forever!!

How is the “Energetic” Weight Release Program different from other “diets” and “weight loss” programs you have tried in the past?  The answer lies in a discovery I made many years ago. It took me many years to discover that being overweight is due to what I call “Harmonic Distortion.”

I tried every gimmick available with no lasting success…until I become aware of the true cause of my weight problem.  Heaviness causes heaviness.  A heavy emotional state causes a heavy physical state.  Your body and mind are not in harmony.  In short, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are in conflict.  You conscious mind wants to get rid of the weight but your subconscious won’t allow it.

The only permanent solution to reaching your ideal weight and staying there is to bring your conscious and subconscious into agreement. This can be done quite easily with your very own “Energetic” Weight Release CD program that is designed to specifically help you to reach your desired weight.

Yet another unique benefit of the program is that along with your Weight Release CD’s, you will receive the highly acclaimed Eforce Plus® Pendant. This special pendant is made with titanium and mineral gemstones which are then infused with harmonic frequencies. This one of a kind pendant is designed specifically with the intention to help promote the positive flow of energy throughout the body and assist you in finding your own “Harmonic Resonance”.

People who have tried the program utilizing both the “Energetic” Weight Release CDs and the eForceplus® Pendant have found that they eat far less food without even having to think about trying. After listening to the “Energetic” Weight Release CD’s and wearing their eForcePlus® Pendant, clients who had been addicted to diet drinks for years have completely stopped drinking the diet drinks. They have also lost the cravings which they had for many years!

If you use the “Energetic” Weight Release Program CD’s with any of our weekly outreach meetings, you will permanently release the all the excess weight and keep it off – forever!

I will help you to eliminate the underlying causes of your overweight condition. This will allow you to immediately begin moving toward your ideal weight WITHOUT DIETING!

As we remove the emotional ties that chain and enslave you to your excess weight, years of emotional tensions, compulsive thoughts and eating will simply evaporate away…along with those unwanted pounds.   You will become more Alive, Alert, Aware and, of course, HappyYou will have More Energy and be More Attractive to everyone around you.

Most “diets” don’t work because they don’t release you from the emotional heaviness. With my “Energetic” Weight Release Program CD’s and your eForcePlus® Pendant you can Slim Down, Relax and Grow Thinner every day with no stress, no worries and no disappointment.

Order Yours TODAY, and get the body you have always wanted. It’s easy, it’s enjoyable and most of all it WORKS!

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